The Purchase

Mariner 40 Kai Bob Skye Skye Yachts

January 27, 2015 - Have you ever looked at a boat and wondered, "What's under the tarp?" Beb and I had noticed Kai at the docks for sometime. She always caught my eye, and it seemed that she had been lost but not forgotten in the ever changing priorities of people's lives.

Long story-short, and through a totally unpredictable chain of events, we bought the boat, and the saga begins as it does with most older boats when new owners come aboard with dreams of renewal and adventure. We've spent 6-weeks unloading her, and documenting the systems and boat-condition to make ready for her rebuild. She looks good… really good. Needs paint, some freshening up of rigging, and a couple of spots in the teak cockpit need attention… so far. But, so far, so good…

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